Country, Folk
and Honky Tonk

... John Law burned down the liquor store maybe or Fortunate Son? 
Acoustic music played with fun ​and passion.
That's what the Moonshiners are all about!

 Moonshiners 2022


Found way before corona where money was tight, Jane and Jojo met for passionate folk aka the Southern Belle. Later on Huey joined the band and brought Rattlesnake Pat to the party. Finally Holgito M. showed up and glued the sound together. What more can you ask for?

PHOTOS: Moonshiners

Jay Dee & the Moonshine​​rs are

 -  Jane Dareman (voc + kazzoo)
 -  Joe "Jojo" Hyne (git + voc)
 -  Rattlesnake Pat (perc)
 -  Marvin Ray Rumble (bass)
 -  Huey "Suro" Surojegin (git)

Concerts coming next

3 + 4. Aug '24 | Kulturufer Friedrichshafen -> link

Past Con​​certs:

15. Juli '23 | Erlenhof Open Air | KN
12. Nov. '22 | Ailinger Hof | FN
1. Oct. '22 | Musiknacht TT | Torstuben